“He continues to go above and beyond every time I have the pleasure of training with him…”


I have been a regular in the gym for 12 years and an athlete all my life. Throughout the years I’ve had many trainers and coaches but none of them come close to providing me with the results I’ve seen while working out with Ray. My past experiences with trainers left me jaded. They would show up late (or not at all), talk incessantly about their personal lives (leaving me feeling like I wasted my money and they should be paying me for therapy), and they lacked the ability to create effective or challenging workouts. On top of all that, they weren’t able to refrain from making passes at me. I almost didn’t hire Ray because of my history but after I watched him train a few clients at the gym I could tell he was different. Punctuality, professionalism and knowledge is the minimum standard he upholds. He continues to go above and beyond every time I have the pleasure of training with him. He uses the perfect blend of anatomical knowledge and creativity to keep me challenged, motivated and excited about our workouts. When I train with him I feel like I can push myself much harder and longer than I’ve ever been able to in the past.


“I have not only achieved the results that I was looking for…”


As a former scholarship football and track and field athlete at Cal Poly I am no stranger to hard work and strenuous workouts. I have been in excellent shape the majority of my life. I came to ISOTONEX because although I am in better shape than most I wasn’t challenging myself the way that I should be to get back to the shape I was when I was in college. With Ray’s workouts and training program I have not only achieved the results that I was looking for but I also set a pace for my training regime for the future. Thanks for all your help!!


“Challenging, unique, and effective”


The trainer you love to hate.” What are three words to describe my training sessions with Ray? Challenging, unique, and effective. My training goal with Ray was to prepare for the 2008 Flex Magazine Bikini Contest in Las Vegas. Prior to our first training session, I had been on a one-year lay-off from competing in figure shows in Hawaii. During the first month training with Ray, I was amazed at how quickly my body was transforming. After training with Ray for only six weeks, I was able to lose nearly 10 lbs. and 6% body fat. I learned a very significant lesson from Ray: lifting heavy weights with a 1 to 3 minute rest between sets and 20 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 days a week wasn’t effective enough to see changes in my body as quickly as Ray’s training and cardio plan. After being on a low-carb diet for nearly two years, I also learned how to “make friends” with carbs and the important role they played in my training and cardio results. As a result of competing in the Flex Magazine Bikini Contest, I was able to gain exposure with several other fitness magazines that I will be modeling for later this year. There is no doubt in my mind that Ray is the trainer I will be working with to help me prepare for my upcoming photo shoots and future bikini contests.


“In three weeks I went from feeling frustrated to fantastic”


Competing in a figure competition has always been on my list of things to do. Being a mother of three and working full time, it was always a challenge finding the time to train, not to mention eating right. Finally ready to commit, I set out to train and nothing was going to stop me, at least that is what I thought. I t was three weeks out from competition, feeling lost, not knowing what direction to take with my workouts, as well as, totally depleted on energy due to my diet I knew I needed to get some help. I had reached a plateau, my body was not responding to what I was doing and I was starting to get worried. Knowing I was not going to be ready, having my heart set on competing, I sought advice. Ray’s positive energy and professional attitude stand out in the gym. He is always focused on his client, pushing them hard, directing their form and acknowledging their efforts. There was no question, he was the right person to talk to, he completely turned things around for me, making changes in my diet and redirecting me on my workouts.


In just a week my body had changed noticeably and my energy level was restored. His caring support pushed me to a level of fitness I would have never reached on my own. He has been a great motivator, making the three weeks leading up to competition seem easy. Ray is a natural, always smiling with positive words of encouragement. He truly cares for people and wants to see them achieve there goals. Ray’s passion and drive are reflected in his training style, he has a no non-sense approach to fitness that pays off with outstanding results. I made it to competition feeling the best I have ever felt, in three weeks I went from feeling frustrated to fantastic. Having more energy than ever, I feel driven to compete again. With Ray’s support behind me I can’t help, but to feel like a Champion.


“I have seen more progress during this time than I have in years…”


I was a competitive rower for 14 years, and I contacted Ray because I have having a hard time putting on any muscle. I have been training with Ray for the last 2 months and I have seen more progress during this time than I have in years. I have been able to gain muscle while loosing fat. Ray’s program is very comprehensive and tailored for each person. He covers nutrition, weightlifting and cardio. His workouts are intense and he pushes you to your personal limit while encouraging you in a positive way. I would suggest Ray to any of my friends who are looking for an excellent trainer.


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