“Ray takes the time to understand where you are coming from…”


When I started on this journey of fitness training with Ray, I never expected this to amount to anything more than just a jump-start to change up my fitness routine. The constant travel from my job had finally taken a toll on my physical health (and I am already dealing with chronic health issues) by mid-October of 2008, which I felt I needed someone to motivate me to work out on a regular basis again. I liked Ray from our first meeting, when he realistically tells you the results you get will be through hard work and commitment on your part – and that meant taking part on a complete nutritional and fitness plan. He doesn’t try to fast sell you and really takes the time to understand where you are coming from and what are the results you want ultimately. So I embarked on this fitness journey with Ray, deciding on a plan of what works for me. Within a couple of sessions and sticking with the eating plans, I could feel and see results. The biggest lifestyle change was committing to a whole different way of eating and doing my cardio consistently. I have never had more energy in my life! His training sessions are also always consistently great – he tweaks your form on the machines like no other trainer I have been with and always changes up the routine. I would probably be in even better form if not for my hectic travel schedule and Ray is just so accommodating with my work travel plans. It has been a “love/hate” relationship with this guy – love that I am getting results after every workout / hate that it’s hard work! He really lives the philosophies of what he does – which is to take ownership to put the extra effort in order to achieve life results. Working out with Ray has really transformed my life. He inspires me to push myself to be the best that I can be. And to put the icing on the cake, my husband loves my rocking body!


“I’ve lost 19 pounds and 5% of my body fat!”


Since starting with ISOTONEX I’ve lost 19 pounds and 5% of my body fat! I feel wonderful, I look amazing and I’m sticking to it! This isn’t a “diet” or “weight loss” program- It’s a life-changing experience that teaches you to live healthy in a manner which ANYONE can stick to and see INCREDIBLE results! I started to work with Ray and ISOTONEX because I’ve begun competing on the Miss America circuit, and have had a lot of success but no wins. After a year of competing one of the coordinators pulled me aside and told me I wasn’t winning because I didn’t appear “fit” onstage. So I gave myself ten weeks to kick my butt into shape for the first pageant of the season- Miss Santa Clara 2008. Ray was the find of a lifetime! Not only did he develop an incredible meal plan to my exact dietary needs and limitations (I’m a vegetarian!), he always found a way to work our workouts into my crazy schedule. The customized diet plan allowed me to create a simple system to ensure my body got the nutrition it needed, and maximize caloric burn. Even now that the competition season is over I’m still able to stick to his system and I’m still loosing weight!


Ray makes sure to diversify your workouts so you work every muscle group to the breaking point, but still have fun! He incorporates not only traditional weights, but bands, balls, ladders and numerous other wonderful devices all his clients learn to love to hate. This diversity ensures you’ll never be bored, and even if you are Ray’s always right there to give encouragement and make you laugh. Ray does an amazing job of motivating you without being pushy or overly demanding. I know I personally needed someone to really push me, and in the past other trainers have taken advantage of that and gone too far-Ray NEVER approached this point. I always left our workouts excited, tired, and ready to take on the next challenge he’d set for me.

I’m already telling everyone I know about Ray and the wonders ISOTONEX has done for me. I’m so glad I decided to work with Ray. It’s been an incredibly empowering journey, which has inspired me to continue to live a healthy life and have the body I always knew, was hiding under that “pudge”! Because of Ray’s work I’m able to walk out onstage in my pageants with the confidence that comes from knowing I’d worked hard. (I literally worked my butt off) While I didn’t win the Miss Santa Clara competition, I did place first-runner up, and I’m now getting tons of bookings for other appearances. In addition I can’t tell you how many people have complimented me on how I look, I’ve even gotten double-takes from close friends who haven’t seen me in a while! ISOTONEX was the best investment in myself I’ve ever made! Ray is an amazing person who acts as a vehicle to let you break free of your own restrictions to become the person you always thought you could be!”


“I’ve lost 1% of body fat and gained 5 pounds of lean muscle mass!”


I am a relatively active guy who has been working out in the gym most of my life. I was not looking to change up my routine until I noticed my wife’s workouts with Ray and thought I’d try out a few sessions. Before that, I had Ray start me out a food plan so that I can jumpstart my health and develop eating habits that fitted my lifestyle. Within a few days of starting the program and trying a few sessions with Ray, I saw great improvements in my energy levels and definitely broke out of my rut in my workout routine. Within a couple weeks of training (6 sessions) and a combination of cardio and sticking to my personalized eating plan, I had lost 1% of body fat and gained 5 pounds of lean muscle mass! It is amazing what I have accomplished given my irregular workout schedules and business traveling plans. I would highly recommend Ray to anyone who is ready to change up his or her workout routine and make a dedication to a healthier lifestyle.


“I can now run over an hour without my lungs burning and my heart stopping…”


In October, I was taking a trip to New York and found myself running to catch a train. With my suitcase in hand, I ran about a couple 100 feet and felt my lungs start to burn and my heart about to jump out of my body. Right then and there I decided that it was ridiculous to be out of shape at 30. I tried working out on my own, but I just wasn’t getting results I wanted. Then in January I found Ray through Yelp. I’m 20 sessions in and I can fit into my old jeans again, I dropped 2 pant sizes. But the best part was that I can now run over an hour without my lungs burning and my heart stopping. I’m still floored on how healthy I’ve become in such a short amount of time; not to mention I also look pretty darn good in a bathing suit. Ray has become a wonderful motivator and has taught me integrity and dedication to myself, which has positively impacted my business and personal life. His workouts are ever changing and dynamic and I actually look forward to working out on my “Ray Days”. Training with Ray has become one of the most important things I’ve done for myself.


“He is really worth the money!”


Ray Vargas is an amazing personal trainer and I highly recommend him!! I look around at the gym and see other trainers talking too much and not really working their clients very hard. When training with Ray, you are guaranteed to be sweating in no time! I had a list of trainers to choose from when I was first looking for one, and he was the only one who responded professionally and seemed very real and knowledgeable about training! He is really worth the money! I was always told that I shouldn’t spend money on a personal trainer, but I do not regret it at all after training with Ray. He initially asks you questions to find out more about you and what you want your goals to be. I didn’t want to lose weight; I just wanted to get toned in certain areas. I have been working out for years and never saw results! Just after a couple of sessions, I felt like I would be getting results quickly! I became addicted and trained with him for almost 2 months before going to Australia and successfully achieved the results I wanted. Ray always made the workouts interesting with not doing the same routine twice. The work outs can be challenging, but if you are motivated and want results, he will get you through it! I learned a lot about nutrition, how to work the machines, and about which muscles I was working out during each exercise. Ray is always focused on you for the whole hour! I feel much better about myself and much healthier overall after my sessions with Ray and will definitely be going back to him! Not only is he an amazing trainer, but a great guy!! There is not one negative thing about Ray. You just have to put in the effort and you will achieve the results you want!


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