“He really cares for your success.”


I trained with Ray for about 3 months. I gained about 7 pounds of lean muscle mass while losing 2 pounds of fat, and I used to be pretty lean to begin with. There are many positives that can be attributed to Ray, but I will mention a few for the sake of brevity:

He leads by example. His physical fitness is exemplary both in terms of strength and agility. You would want to be just like him.

He really cares for your success. For instance, he used to give me extra time (for free) out of his busy schedule just so that we could finish off my routine perfectly.

He is very knowledgeable. From managing your diet to managing your cardio to perfecting your form while lifting. He know it all, deeply. Most importantly, he is fun to be with, and motivates you to stretch yourself that last bit that matters the most. Cannot ask for more in your trainer. My association with him has been most fulfilling to say the least, and I look forward to work with him again.


“I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 4.”


I guess the clinical definition for how I started was overweight, but I was quickly heading down the road to obese. I told myself all sorts of little lies to justify the number on the scale – “I have a large frame”, “I carry more muscle than average”, etc. etc. The truth was that I was living a completely sedentary lifestyle. I was out of shape to the point that I would get wiped out going shopping with my 68 year old mother-in-law. When going to Macy’s was becoming a physical ordeal, I decided that something needed to change.


This wasn’t the first time I had tried to work on achieving a healthy lifestyle. I had made numerous false starts in the past with gym memberships and eating plans. I always started out with good intentions, but would end up quitting everything when I hit a bump in the road. I decided that this time I would approach things differently and just focus one fixing one thing at a time. I chose to start with exercise. I remembered how much I loved cycling when I was a kid, so I bought a bike and started riding it as much as I could. To work, to the grocery, to restaurants, just for fun, etc. It worked great! I lost a little over twenty pounds and added a lot of muscle to my legs.


After about a year of riding I was pleased with the changes I had made in my body and life, but I was on a plateau and not sure how to proceed. Some friends had been seeing Ray for a number of months and raved about him, but I have to admit I was skeptical. I had tried trainers in my previous failed attempts at fitness and had never been impressed. My friends had made great strides with Ray though, so I decided to attend some of his summer boot camp sessions. He immediately made a positive impression on me. His commitment to get the most out of his clients, even in a boot camp environment where there were fifteen of us and only one of him, was extraordinary, so I chose to sign up for some one on one sessions.


Ray provided me with a comprehensive training plan including cardio, strength training and nutrition (where I desperately needed help). Our workouts together are always fun and challenging and there’s something new every time. He is always working not only on your physical strength, but also your mental toughness – getting you to try and succeed at things you didn’t think possible.


I’ve now been working with Ray for eight months and with his guidance I’ve been able to take the next steps on my journey and move off my plateau. With Ray, your goals are his goals. He’s not a cyclist, but was able to give me training pointers that helped my hill climbing and stamina. I’ve lost almost another twenty pounds, dropped my body fat percentage by six points, and I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 4. Best of all, I’m better prepared for the challenges that life provides me – both physical and mental.


“Ray has a way of helping everybody go beyond what they expect from themselves…”


I would recommend Ray to anybody willing to work to get results – there is not a doubt in my mind that he will help you achieve the results you desire, and results you didn’t even think possible. Whether you’re looking to get fit, train for a particular goal, lose weight, etc. – Ray is the trainer for you. I was looking for a trainer to help me get back in shape and I interviewed quite a few trainers. Past experience has taught me that finding a trainer is not all that easy of a task. A trainer really has to listen to you, your needs and your body. The saying ‘no pain, no gain’ only actually means something if you listen to your body – or in this case, if your trainer knows what they are doing so you actually achieve results. I was looking for a trainer not necessarily to lose weight, but to overall tone and strengthen. I am a fairly active individual and was in fairly decent shape. I enjoy working out and some, somewhat adventurous sports – wake boarding, snow boarding, hiking, jogging, etc. After incurring numerous basketball injuries throughout my university career, my knees were left a little weakened. Needless to say my above mentioned post-injured knee activities caused me to injure both my right and left mcl as well as my left ankle, and all within the course of a year.


I was not so happy about these injuries as they prevented me from being active. I wanted to take matters into my own hands. After interviewing a few trainers, I found a trainer who listened to me, knew how to work with my injuries, and could really work with me and motivate me to achieve my goals. Ray did and continues to do just that. In fact, he did this and then some. I am more agile, flexible, toned and stronger. I have achieved results I did not even ask for or expect. I have lost significant inches and weight. I have had co-workers, friends and family comment about my positive changes, which were not easily achieved as I was already in fairly good shape. Ray has a way of helping everybody go beyond what they expect from themselves and he does so with a willing ear and a smile. Believe me, Ray will not disappoint you if you are looking for a trainer.


“Hands-down the best investment I have ever made.”


Ray Vargas is hands-down the best investment I have ever made. I was desperate to get in shape before college but all the other trainers I hired were a waste of money. I decided to try one last time with someone my friend recommended and was happy that I did. I was with Ray for eight weeks and lost 4% body fat. Ray is as focused as he promises, he gives you his full attention, makes workouts fun, and is able to make you laugh even when you thought you were going to die from exhaustion. Ray offers so much motivation and encouragement that it’s inspiring. Even if you think you’ve hit your limit the encouragement he offers makes you get up and go again. Ray’s sincere goal is to help you succeed and reach the goal you’re aiming for. Even outside our workout sessions, if he saw me in the gym and I was doing something wrong he would come over and perfect my form. Unlike all the diets advertised on TV, his actually work. For the first time in my life I actually lost weight (three pounds) WHILE turning fat into muscle. Ray also writes down all the exercises you perform everyday in a little book so when your time with him is up it’s easy to maintain the results you gained with him. I already plan to hire Ray again during both Christmas and summer vacation, and I am definitely looking forward to it.

—Jason Z.

“I shed 15 pounds, dropped 4 pant sizes, and a total of over 20 inches!!”


I started window shopping for a new trainer in April of this year. For my research, I carefully watched the trainers at my gym – their style, demeanor with clients, expertise, etc. Ray caught my eye because he was always smiling with his clients and he looked like he really knew his stuff. I thought he was very sharp and cutting edge. My instincts were right. I had to get into fighting shape for a fitness test for a potential government job. There were very strict guidelines and scoring protocol to this test that I shared with Ray. He tailored my training regimen to my individual needs with what would get me to my goal in the most efficient manner given my tight time constraints. Ray got me beyond that point and I passed my fitness test! I also got into the best shape of my life. Ray was very focused, incredibly dedicated to what became “our” cause, and stayed the course through the hard times (we had a few!). He’s all heart … with a little muscle wrapped around!

Our training regimen was intense and serious, but he still made it fun. I built muscles (and stamina) I never knew I had. Ray showed me proper technique and educated me while kicking my new body into the most fabulous shape ever! Over the four short months that he trained me, I shed 15 pounds, dropped 4 pant sizes, and a total of over 20 inches!! By our two month mark, I had already lost 4% body fat!


I have been a gym rat most my life and know my way around. I have also had other trainers who were great. But my body never achieved the level of fitness that it did with Ray’s guidance. The difference is that Ray trains holistically – meaning he addresses the whole person taking into account factors such as diet, mental and physical fatigue, schedule, lifestyle, etc. And he incorporates different training techniques (i.e., plyometrics, cardio, weights) so you don’t have a chance to plateau and are constantly improving. Every training day was a pleasant surprise!


He changes your routine based on your feedback and results. Whether you are training hard or not, you hit plateaus – mental and physical. Ray is the first trainer I had who recognized and addressed this connection between physical and mental well being. There were times when I hit my wall, he was there to support me no matter what. He went the extra mile and it’s because of his dedication and care for his craft that I surpassed my fitness goals. I know I could not have achieved my goals without his guidance. I still grab Ray whenever I can for adhoc sessions. Toward the end of our regular training days together, I could see people watching us, thinking – “that trainer is always smiling with his clients”… now I know – he’s smiling because he’s inflicting some good pain!!


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