“You won’t be disappointed.”


I thought I was getting good workouts at the gym before I began training with Ray, but the difference was apparent after just one session. Training with Ray gives you the obvious advantage of working with someone who knows the correct techniques. Believe me – an elbow tuck here or a wrist position change there makes a huge difference. Perhaps even more valuable than technique refinement however, is the constant encouragement and support that Ray provides. There is no slacking here. If you want to work out harder than you ever have, and likewise look and feel better than you ever have, think about signing up for a few sessions. You won’t be disappointed.


“The one-on-one training is like nothing like I’ve ever experienced…”


I returned to the gym after many years of slacking with the hope and intentions of getting into the best shape of my life. I’d considered a personal trainer earlier in my life but always figured I could get by, and nobody ever stood out as exceptional. When I opened the binder at Gold’s and saw Ray’s slot missing business cards it prompted me to think there was something going on here & that I needed in on it! So I scheduled a meeting and was delighted with the professional attitude and presence Ray exhibited. Not only did he explain his plan, he made a connection to what I was looking for and translated it to a workable goal.

Ray examines your status (health, lifestyle, day-to-day demands) and structures a plan based on your goals. The one-on-one training is like nothing like I’ve ever experienced (and I’d trained with the best for the Wildflower Triathlon over 10 years ago). Not only does Ray teach step-by-step exercises on the machines, etc., he instills correct form and execution to enable you to benefit to your fullest, working smarter not harder. ISOTONEX plan is to equip you with the overall mindset of health, fitness, & performance not only from the esthetic aspect but also from a functionality standpoint, all while knowing the man has your back, pushing you further than you’d ever expected from yourself. He is there cheering you on, talking the negative thoughts out of your head and believing in you when you don’t!

I participated in the ISOTONEX 8-wk boot camp this summer and was nervous as were a few others. That feeling quickly dissolved through the sheer spirit of teamwork and hard work, challenging as it was absolute joy was in the air every single Saturday morning at 7am! It was THE best experience and I am looking forward to the next opportunity. The friendships and support that have carried over after boot camp ended is priceless. I’ve signed on for the remainder of this year and I’m sure next year and the so on. I’m sold that Ray is THE trainer to side with when looking to put yourself first, both in body and mind as well as spirit. He is the essence of a great personal trainer and I only hope everyone allows themselves a few sessions with Ray to experience not only challenging yourself to be your best but to experience someone who gets and stays in the game with you, day in and day out. I have lost inches of body fat, gained muscle tone, strength and most of all confidence and the sense of well-being. I look forward to every training session with Ray, to challenge my body and focus my mind. All else pales to a Ray workout for busting stress and adjusting the attitude, I am thankful everyday for choosing ISOTONEX!

Hoorah… ISOTONEX baby!!


“My confidence is so much more solid and on such a higher level.”


It’s been a little less the two years since I have started with Ray, and in that time I have been able to accomplish more than I had in mind for myself when I began. I’m not only physically stronger then I’ve ever been, I finally, for the first time in my life, have the mental and emotional strength to truly believe I can accomplish any goal I set for myself. It isn’t magic, luck or being blessed with an inborn self confidence, like I previously believed. I had always thought that I just wasn’t born to be an athlete, that I didn’t have the heart or physical capabilities. I couldn’t run a whole mile until I was 21. I had originally signed up with Ray to become as strong as I could. I had no idea his complete program would soon get me in shape to knock out runs lasting over an hour, happily and comfortably. Good things snowball too, and before I knew it I had completed my first triathlon, and in under my target time. We all have our landmark accomplishment that was one of mine. Something I had done that could never be undone, I am a tri-athlete now. My confidence is so much more solid and on such a higher level. Ray seems to know what to say to get me past any hurdle in front of me. This too is not magic or luck, it’s because he really cares about his work and his clients, so he really pays attention to what our needs are. He has the knowledge and passion to help you get yourself to where you want to be. I have absolutely fallen in love with my body and what it can do, thanks to Ray’s guidance, energy and know-how. The ripple effect has begun as well, my dad began exercising again, as did my best friend, and my sister is now in training for her first triathlon which we plan to do together. Ray began a boot camp class, of which I was only able to attend the first and last ones of due to an injury. Seeing everyone at the beginning and again at the end of the 8 weeks, I saw huge improvements in everyone’s fitness, and could immediately see the dramatic physical changes in everyone. He’s made athletes out of all of us. Until Ray starts his up again, I’ve begun attending other boot camps. Since his was the first I had been to, I didn’t realize (but certainly do now) how prepared, organized, motivating, and on point him and his wife ran their boot camp. Being a small business owner myself, I have always had a great appreciation for how capable and well-run Ray is with his business. His heart, passion, expertise, devotion and terrific business management is a very rare combination to come by, I’m ever grateful to have found him.


“Ray is at the top of his game!”


If you were to ask for a recommendation on trainers I would simply say, “Ray is at the top of his game!” I have consistently used trainers for four years, and have a great perspective on who is good and who isn’t. Having lived and traveled the world, Ray is one of the best. What really sets him apart is his enthusiasm and desire to make the world a better place and those that he comes in contact with better! Ray is not for the faint of heart, he brings it! If you want to workout with him, you better bring it too! All the best in achieving your dreams and goals, Ray will get you one step closer……


“Ray focuses on sustainable and lifelong results, not the quick fixes.”


As a 6’9” drafted baseball pitching prospect, I had the opportunity to work with many trainers over the years. Since moving on from the game, I’ve struggled with my eating and physical fitness; I had learned how to be an athlete, but I had no idea how to be a healthy and fit person. They’re two very different things, and as a result, the weight piled on. One day I decided enough was enough. The past six months with Ray have seen me go from a sluggish and soft 355lbs @ 28% body fat to an energetic and firm 320lbs @ 23% body fat. What has me most excited though, is what Ray has and continues to teach me about eating properly, exercising efficiently and training strongly. Ray focuses on sustainable and lifelong results, not the quick fixes. Based on my experience, this puts Ray head and shoulders above the trainers of my past. Before it was always about others’ goals. Ray is all about helping me with my goals. He’s willing to teach as much as I’m willing to learn, and thanks to him I’ve changed my life permanently.


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