“My life has changed in such a positive way…”


When my husband and I realized that we really needed to make some changes in our lives, we began our search for a well-rounded trainer. We wanted someone who not only would be effective in a gym setting, but someone who could really help us make better choices with food and nutrition. Right from our initial consultation, we knew Ray was going to be the right match for us. He was professional, knowledgeable and understood how to work with our then physical ailments.

Since meeting with him I am seeing changes in my body that really have made me happier and more confident. I am losing inches where I want to, gaining muscle tone and feeling stronger. In the past, I’ve had repetitive injuries to both my ankles and have found them to be holding me back in many ways. Seriously, I was walking in a parking lot and got a grade 2 sprain just a year ago. Ray has made it a point to help me with my balance, core strength and stability. I am doing exercises now that I would not have been able to even a few months ago. He knows how to encourage me, keep me motivated, challenge my body and is always keeping my personalized work-outs new and interesting. My life has changed in such a positive way by following the ISOTONEX program and with Ray’s expertise. It’s immeasurable. I see building on this foundation and it only getting better from here.


“I feel better, I look better, I AM better…”


Ray has been kicking my butt for the past 6 months and I feel better, I look better, I AM better. Actually I look amazing I have so much stamina now that I can run 4 miles, attend a 1 hour spin class, and train for an hour with Ray (burning 400+ calories) without passing out. According to my heart rate monitor, I’m able to lose up to 1000 calories a day. Before I met Ray, working out this rigorously would have been impossible. I was a former professional gymnast before a string of serious injuries ended my dream of becoming an Olympic hopeful. In order to distract myself, I concentrated on my studies and led what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. I ate what I wanted as long as it wasn’t fast food and A LOT of it in order to fuel myself for calculus and o-chem exams. I ran 3-4 miles a day and enrolled myself in yoga classes. But at some point, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t happy with what I saw. I wasn’t as toned as I used to be and I was tired of doing the same routine everyday (even though it was safe and comfortable) because I was intimidated by the idea of using weights heavier than 8 lbs and by learning how to use the weightlifting machines. Like many girls, I wanted to change something that I didn’t like about myself without succumbing to extreme measures.


One day I decided to look for a personal trainer, someone who could provide guidance with a smile. I was fortunate to find Ray on YELP, and he seemed to be the only one with glowing reviews. I met with him and was genuinely impressed by his kind demeanor, his charming personality, his good looks (my sister calls him man candy), how professionally dressed he was, and a deep insight into the illusive meaning behind a healthy lifestyle.

Our workout sessions were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. He made it fun by making sure that we accomplished a different combination of exercises during every session. And every session was EXTREMELY intense, meaning he never asks if you want to go lighter, but if it appears that you’re struggling, he helps you out (a little) and instead of barking at you like a military officer, he offers sincere encouragement. And he possesses this uncanny ability to acknowledge your physical and mental limits without treating you like a Krispy Kremepuff. Also, he teaches you how to properly use the weightlifting machines in order to avoid injuries. Moreover, he taught me how to be more disciplined with my eating habits (4 balanced meals a day.)


+I have the supermodel stomach and legs
+My size 0 jeans keep sliding off (I used to be a size 4)
+I’m so energetic all the time that I can finally chuck that old t-shirt that says “fueled by ramen”

-Because I’ve become quite strict with my eating habits, people look at me weird. I’ve developed a strong willpower against most sweets and indulgences, which is a total bummer when you go out with your girlfriends
-You may develop an odd obsession with the gym
-You’ll probably never find another trainer as amazing as Ray


I’ve truly relearned how to push myself and it has done wonders to my attitude towards life, family, and even school.


“Ray is the type of trainer who has the ability to train any one at any level!”


I’m a high school student and athlete. I was looking for a trainer to help me with weight training, sports conditioning, and specific skill improvements. I’ve been working with Ray for six months, and through his supervision and guidance, I’ve experienced excellent progress in weight training in better form and heavier weights, improved fitness and endurance, and new personal best performances in skills such as jumping and running. Besides being a cool guy, Ray works hard to help you achieve your goals, and is constantly encouraging and supportive in the things that I would like to achieve.


I have a great deal of respect and confidence in Ray as my trainer and nutritionist. My nutrition has improved greatly following Ray’s guidelines and my overall health and physical strength is much stronger. I would strongly recommend Ray for an athlete who wants to improve his competitive edge or someone who is new with weights. Ray is the type of trainer who has the ability to train any one at any level!

—Josh J.

“Ray stands out from all other trainers…”


After several months of seeking a trainer for my son, Josh, I decided to go with Ray. Ray impressed me with his professionalism and extensive knowledge of physical training combined with nutrition. My son has always competed in athletics, so I was interested in someone who could help him improve in his various sports as well as instruct him in proper form with weights. Ray’s credentials were impeccable, and he’s very easy to communicate with as well as being very efficient. He’s the type of person who puts everything into his clients and his love for what he does is clearly visible. My son has worked with Ray now for half a year and he is very happy with the strides he has made both physically and nutritionally. Ray targets his workouts specifically for Josh’s needs for specific sports, and now Josh is seeing significant improvements when playing these sports. His strength, his speed, and his endurance has increased. I can’t speak highly enough about Ray’s abilities to communicate with teenagers and his expertise in creating individual programs targeted towards helping them achieve their desired goals. I could not be happier in the choice I made, and most importantly, my son can’t wait to work out with Ray!


Being a busy working professional, wife, and mother, I haven’t worked out with a professional trainer in years. However, after seeing Ray train my son and other clients, I decided to work out with Ray myself. Another great decision! Ray modified and tweaked my cardio program and weight lifting program to focus on my goals of toning up, and eliminating some body fat. Working with Ray, I saw results very quickly and his emphasis on correct form and technique has made me injury-free. His high-intensity workouts are extremely challenging, which I enjoy, however they can be adapted for any level. Ray stands out from all other trainers with his knowledge, his love of what he’s doing, his understanding of how nutrition and physical training work hand in hand, and most of all, his desire for his clients to succeed. Ray would constantly follow up with me when he saw me in the gym to ensure that I was at the proper heart rate to burn fat and that my form was correct. Ray, I can’t thank you enough for showing me the road towards reaching my goals.

—Eileen J.

“Ray goes above and beyond…”


Ray is an absolute Godsend! I started training with Ray over this past summer, and in this short while I cannot begin to describe in words how much this experience has changed me. I had maintained a slender weight throughout my life, but halfway into college the late study nights and quick meals started to catch up with me and I developed some really bad eating habits and gained a load of weight in a few short years. My wonderful sister set up a meeting for me with Ray, and after our first meeting I was convinced that ISOTONEX was the way to go to reach my goals! Ray knows what he is talking about. Period. He thoroughly understands how the human body works. This isn’t one of those fad diet programs, this is the real thing. Ray goes above and beyond to ensure each of his clients reaches their goals. He pushes and challenges you during your workout while still ensuring that you are working out safely.


During our workouts, I have observed other trainers at work. One thing that sets Ray apart from others is his level of genuine care for his clients. Ray NEVER leaves my side. He is always making sure that my form is good, that I’m working out at the appropriate intensity level, and is always looking out for my safety. He is always encouraging me, through every rep. He’s that voice in my ear telling me to keep pushing, I can do it, and to never give up on myself. He’s the person who is telling me I can do it, when I am doubting myself. A trainer doesn’t have to do that. A trainer doesn’t have to give you this kind of encouragement in and out of the gym. This is what I mean about Ray going above and beyond his duty as a trainer. Reaching your goals, whether you want to slim down, or bulk up is an emotional and mental change as much as a physical change, if not more. Ray understands that it’s not only about willing yourself into the gym everyday, but it’s also about changing your attitude and perspective on fitness. That is the key to LIFE LONG success.


I am so thankful to be on this journey to reach my goals with Ray. I am so excited for what more is to come! I have made such progress in these last few months. While my main objective is to do this for myself- to get my body back to what it used to be, as well as my heart, mind, and confidence… I’m not gonna lie… it feels pretty dang good that my friends and family have taken notice of my progress too!


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