“I went from 129 to 123 and from a size 9/10 to a 5/6 sometimes even a 3/4″


Ray Vargas is one of the best trainers around! When I first started with him, I weighed about 129. Now mind you, that was just with walking and not eating much but lean pockets and other little amount of foods. I still didn’t feel at my best and even though I was losing weight, I still didn’t look like I was thinning out or toning up for that matter. Ray showed me what to eat and what amounts I should be eating. So with the nutrition and the exercising I was doing with Ray, not only did I start to look like I was thinning down, I was becoming more tone as well. I started to fit into clothes better and wanted to go clothes shopping all the time since I dropped a couple of pant sizes. I went from 129 to 123 and from a size 9/10 to a 5/6 sometimes even a 3/4 depending on the pants I was trying on. I did all this in about 3 months time just by following his food plan and exercise plan. I was able to put on anything I wanted and wear it with confidence!!To this day, I still work out once a week with Ray even though I am pregnant and have put back on some of the weight. I will continue to work out with Ray even after the baby is born to get back down to what i weighed before baby. He is that awesome! I have all the confidence in him, and he has given me confidence in myself that if I can do it, anyone can!


“Ray has helped me change my understanding of exercise and nutrition…”


When I first started training with Ray, I had no idea what to expect, but I didn’t expect I’d enjoy working out so much! I always looked forward to our sessions because it was never the same thing twice, and that kept it interesting and fun. Ray has helped me change my understanding of exercise and nutrition and how the two work together. He was always very motivating and pushed me hard, but also respected my personal limits. Unfortunately, I had to move before we were finished. I miss our sessions and if I had the choice, I’d definitely still be training with him today!”


“I have gone from 24% body fat to 17%”


Ray Vargas has been working with me for almost 4 months. I am very pleased with the results. I have rediscovered muscles that were hiding in my inactive body. Ray makes the workouts challenging and varied. He is pleasant to work with and is always encouraging. I have gone from 24% body fat to 17% and have gained muscle weight while losing fat. I have more energy and feel better overall. I highly recommend Ray as a trainer.

—Jim K.

“Ray was the first trainer to get me the results I really wanted…”


Being a stay-at-home Mom who also works from home, it is hard for me to get in a good workout. After starting my training with Ray, I saw quick results after a very short period of time. Ray really knows how to maximize the little time I do have at the gym to get the results that I want. He put together a nutrition plan that let me incorporate the foods my family eats, so that I did not have to prepare two separate meals. It is obvious that he knows what he is doing; he customized my personal training to everything I could have asked for. He made the training session’s fun and interesting, incorporating new things each time. I had a personal goal for myself to run in a 10k, and had a short period of time to train. Ray gave me a training plan to accomplish my goal. I was able to finish my first race in a quicker time than I ever thought and I felt great!I see Ray training other clients, and have to say that he seems to really train each person as an individual. He tailors the training to the needs of his clients and it is a great thing. I have had trainers before, but Ray was the first one to get me the results I really wanted. He is a great trainer and I would definitely recommend Ray to anyone who is looking for a great workout, with great results! You will not be disappointed!


“Ray is supportive, non-intimidating and genuinely cares about his clients.”


Ray has been my trainer since Dec. of 2007. When we met I told him wanted to become physically healthier. There were a lot of health issues going on in my extended family at that time and I decided then to get into better condition while I still could. My weight wasn’t where it should be; my cholesterol was creeping up and blood pressure not as low as it used to be. I am 63, a grandmother of six rambunctious grandchildren who would like to try and keep up with them for a long time to come. Ray promised me he could help lower the cholesterol and blood pressure along with body fat % reduction. As long as I did my part and worked out according to the schedule he put me on, with his help I could reach my goals. I have already started lowering my cholesterol, thanks to Ray, and have definitely added lean muscle.

Ray has never faltered in his help. He is supportive, non-intimidating and genuinely cares about his clients. Ray is also very accommodating to your schedule. If vacations or appointments get in the way of my session, he tries to fit me in somewhere else so I don’t have to miss many sessions. Along with his praise of my accomplishments he also doesn’t hesitate to correct me if I am doing an exercise the wrong way, thus saving me from injuring myself. I wouldn’t hesitate in the least to recommend Ray as a trainer. He has a wide knowledge of his subject and takes care to know your health and what you are capable of accomplishing before he begins to train you.


“My friends and colleagues have noticed the results…”


Having Ray Vargas as my personal trainer has improved my life in more than one way. His training methods have pushed me and my body to the next level, a level which I had desired for many years. The intense workout routines which Ray designs have made it possible for an individual such as myself to attain that extra muscle definition which is so difficult to come by. Couple this with his knowledge in the field of nutrition and you get the complete package. My friends and colleagues have noticed the results, but don’t just take my word for it, try out his routines today and notice the results for yourself.


”I lost 5 lbs and lost 3.5% BODY FAT”


Ray is probably the best personal trainer I have met so far. He’s very knowledgeable as well as nice to deal with. He’s definitely not intimidating, and looking at him and his wife is walking advertisement enough. I currently work out at Club One and although he trains at the Gold’s Gym its making me change my mind about where I work out at or even adding another gym to my monthly expenses to have more training sessions with him.


It’s definitely true that he works with your schedule. My schedule is quite hectic being a mother of a three year old and so my work out times with him is at 6am. CRAZY ME I KNOW!!! He’s definitely so much fun to work out with. All workouts are different and challenging, but fun and I’ve learned so much about my health and fitness that I never knew before. At first I wanted to train for 3 months, but now I’m considering of extending that to 6 months. After the first month, I lost 5 lbs and lost 3.5% BODY FAT….HELL YEAH DAMMIT…He’s GOOD!!! My clothes are starting to fall off too!!! It’s also nice to see my improvements from day one. I’m able to keep up with the intensity of my personal training sessions and my world around it just feels so much better. I’m not as stressed out with life when I can hit the gym and I know that Ray has helped.


”He had pushed me past the limit I thought I had”


Being a collegiate athlete, I have always been used to tough workouts and being pushed hard.  The one thing I was looking for was being able get the same push and motivation outside of my softball workouts.  After the first session with Ray, he had pushed me past the limit I thought I had, so I had a new standard for myself.  He knew exactly what workouts would be good for my sport and my position and he always keeps the workouts interesting and fun.  Before Ray trained me, I was in the middle of the pack during my team’s conditioning and workouts.  Now I push myself harder than I could’ve imagined and I strive to be the first one.  I also know what to expect from myself when I have to workout on my own.


Another struggle I’ve had was know what to eat as an athlete and being able to stay lean at the same time.  Ray will set you up with an amazing meal plan that fits your needs and some great advice about the nutrition aspect, which is equally as important.


Ray is one of the most caring and genuine people you will ever meet.  He is incredibly fun to be around and has the most positive attitude.  He cares so much about his clients and will do anything to help them reach their goals.  The best decision I ever made was doing that first session with Ray because now I know I will never find anyone better!


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