Personal One-on-One Fitness training – Not ‘One Program Fits All’


We know finding a personal trainer is not easy and finding a trainer that listens and intuitively knows what you need, which varies from session to session, is even more difficult. Our forté is one-on-one personal training with an emphasis on you – what you need, when and how you need it. We combine all the necessary elements in our fitness training workouts – nutrition, supplementation, and ALL aspects of resistance and cardiovascular training – to guide you to your own individual success.


Variety is key. Your body needs are constantly changing and evolving exercise routines to ensure continual progress and to alleviate boredom are paramount. Our goal is to make each session new and fun so that you get the best fitness training workout each and every time!


How do we accomplish this?

Every personal training session begins with:






Get started today with a FREE personal trainer consultation with Ray to discuss your current and long-term fitness goals. These goals are then incorporated into your personal training plan that includes:


A Safe and Efficient Personal Training Plan — tailored to YOUR needs to achieve continuous results so with each phase you are elevated to the next level of results and performance. Your customized program integrates many exercise disciplines to improve balance, coordination, reaction time and stamina as well as develop core strength while teaching proper functional strength training techniques.


Structured Cardio Guidelines — more is not always best. Maximize YOUR time and results. Learn the best types of cardiovascular exercise, the proper length of workout and the optimal intensity ranges.


Professional Commitment — We listen. Close personal attention and constant hands-on instruction will be a daily part of your personal trainer workouts. This motivational support keeps you focused on

YOUR goals and maximizes YOUR workout efficiency.


Structure and Accountability — Encourages you to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Something videos or books just can’t offer!


Teamwork and Mutual Respect —Working as a team is the ultimate recipe for success!


Remember, YOUR fitness program is all about YOU!


This focused one-on-one attention offers many benefits in the form of stress reduction, increased energy levels, improved self-esteem, increased productivity, and an overall sense of well-being and glowing good health (just to name a few…).


Contact us today for your FREE consultation.


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