ISOTONEX is about functional fitness, balanced nutrition and being active.  Our customized training programs are designed to target, challenge and enhance your innate capabilities.   We provide the building blocks to help you successfully break through physical plateaus and foster the mind / body connection through our High Energy Athletic Training (H.E.A.T) .


We understand everyone has their own goals and we actively engage our clients to be involved in their “personalized” program.  Through knowledge, direction and encouragement we assist each client with goal planning, positive outlook reinforcement and lifestyle changes.


With the pace of life today it’s hard to slow down, but sometimes you have to in order to maximize your return. It’s not always about go, go, go – it’s about a better you. That’s why we are here. We listen – to you and to your body. You need to be heard. We are here to help inspire and support you and want you to get the most out of each and every day.


At ISOTONEX it’s about creating the life you want to live by unleashing your own potential through focus and determination. In Sanskrit the word “mantra” means an “instrument for thinking”. You focus your mind and think positively to strengthen and transform yourself. It is more than wash, rinse, repeat. You think it, embody it, repeat it and live it. At ISOTONEX we have some mantras that we live by to empower ourselves, keep the energy flowing and create an environment for success:


Embrace your personal power to create YOUR life.


You and YOU alone are responsible for your success

Be open. Be honest.


Trust yourself.


Personal growth requires honestly with oneself.


Openness to change is a must.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


You will achieve your goals.


A more abundant life is awaiting you just outside your comfort zone.


Be passionate about your results; you get what you GIVE.

Why limit yourself? You have the power to be the change you want to be; we are simply here to help serve you as your personal trainer and guide.

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