ISOTONEX evolved from Ray Vargas’ desire to help others achieve their own personal training and lifestyle goals. Ray realized early on that it wasn’t just about staying knowledgeable and on the cutting edge of personal training techniques and strategies. There was much more to it than that. It was also the environment and innate desire to positively motivate a lifestyle change.

Energy, compatibility and focus are necessary to this change. Not just from the client but also from the personal trainer. Ray realized that he didn’t want to be a trainer that just churned and burned through clients. He wanted to create a strong positive environment and to build a successful ongoing relationship with his clients.


Ray and ISOTONEX are vested in you achieving your results. ISOTONEX believes each individual is capable of attaining his/her optimum physical condition in a proper and long lasting fashion by taking the necessary steps to achieve and maintain that goal.


Large majorities of people have tried to diet and get in shape on their own (or have tried the latest fad to get in shape). For some this

is a constant, never-ending battle. While for most they put forth maximum effort to eat right and exercise regularly only to fall short of their desired goals. For others who

achieved their goals, success was often short-lived.


In many of these cases this was not due to

the obvious lack of effort or good intentions. Unfortunately, it’s just that maximum effort doesn’t necessarily translate into the correct effort and actual outcome doesn’t necessarily become the desired outcome. And with fad diets and workouts, these are cookie cutter approaches that do not work for everybody.


The real problem is lack of customization. Understanding what works best for your best friend, family member or co-worker may not work for you is the first step in the right direction.


Please contact us today for your complimentary personal trainer consultation and let us help you get on the path to an improved quality of life, positive transformation and personal growth with our High Energy Athletic Training (H.E.A.T) .

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